Mental Health Hospital

In the coast area of Malaga - Spain, located by the sea.

El Seranil

Mental Health Hospital in Malaga whose main objective is to promote the patient's social, family and work recovery, providing support, adequate psychopharmacological supervision and individual and group therapy that will be developed in our Center.

Innovative Psychiatry

We innovate in Mental Health. We promote self-stimulation and integration of patients from an affordable space in which a lifestyle  normalizing, combining a wide range of cultural, leisure and sports activities with a medical-psychological action adequate to the condition presented by the patient.


Specialty depressive disorders

Bipolar disorder

Mood regulation disorders

Personality disorder

Experiences that go beyond what is usual for people

Psychotic disorder

Break with reality or misinterpretation

Juvenile conduct disorder

A complicated stage of confrontation with multiple challenges


Activating emotion before a threat

Dual Pathology

Addictive disorder and other mental disorder


Schizophrenia is a type of chronic psychotic disorder.


We try to bring the patient back to normality with the least risk and in the safest way, preventing their reactions to everyday situations that they will inevitably have to face once they leave our center.


We are in the province of Malaga, about 20 kilometers east of the capital, in the coastal area of ​​Benajarafe, located by the sea.

We combine the most rigorous medical assistance with the tranquility of the place and the comfort of a residence.

Dr. Andrés de Linares Tuduri

Director Médico - Médico Psiquiatra.

We work and coordinate to function as a single subject to the patient's service. Individuals can make a difference, but it is as a team that great results are achieved.

Medical Team

Extensive experience in hospitalization of acute patients, psychiatric emergency care and interconsultation

Medical equipment composition.

  • Psychiatrist and Pharmacologist
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Nursing
  • Monitors and Pedagogues


A wide range of activities that not only help the patient to keep their time and mind occupied.

  • Equine therapy
  • Occupational workshops
  • Padel, tennis, volleyball...

Family respite

So that the caregiver can dedicate himself

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Criteria for hospital admission

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Entry rules

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