Family respite

Rest, hospitalization, vacations or illness

respiro familiarFinca realización actividades El SeranilWhat is it?

The Family Respite Program consists of the reception of people with mental illnesses, in a residential regime, when they cannot be cared for by the relatives who assume their care, for reasons of rest, hospitalization, vacations or their illness.


  • Provide short-term temporary care services to people with mental illnesses, in order to release and reduce family stress.
  • Avoid the uprooting and deterioration of families that have a person with this type of disability in their midst. 
  • Prevent personal and/or family crisis situations.
  • Alleviate the overload that families bear by offering a resting place next to the beach, with multiple activities so that patients can enjoy a vacation period supervised by specialists (psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, nurses, therapists, etc... )

Prices and Conditions

To request a place in the Family Respite Program, you must contact Clínica El Seranil well in advance, calling 952 51 32 67 or sending a request from the contact form.

The minimum stay for Family Respite is seven days. If you want more information described here, do not hesitate to contact us.