Healthy Living Activities

We intend to self-stimulate the patient, presenting him with a series of alternatives and experiences that show him the possibility of a normal life. These are the activities that the resident can carry out from El Seranil: paddle tennis, tennis, futsal, beach volleyball, gym, swimming, mindfulness, painting classes, body expression, activities that in their own or concerted facilities are complemented with outings recreational or with cultural objectives, accompanied by monitors from the clinic to towns, cinemas and shows, sporting events, museums or exhibitions. 

A wide range of activities that not only help the patient to keep his time and mind occupied, but also bring him closer to new possibilities in his daily life, preventing him from dwelling on his own pathology and therefore trying to avoid possible progressive and irreversible deterioration.

Since July 2019, El Seranil has introduced a new therapeutic activity for our patients. We have signed a collaboration contract with the Enjoy Boat company and we go out on the Quicksilver Activ 605 boat. A pleasant experience that is having very good acceptance in all therapeutic activities.

Equine therapy

Equine therapy is that therapy in which horses are used as a natural instrument for rehabilitation, education and re-education of people with special needs and with some type of disability. This therapy improves the quality of life and personal abilities, maximizing them. 

At Clínica El Seranil we have been applying equine therapy with a wide variety of patients since our beginnings thanks to our own resources: a farm 45 minutes from our Clinic, to which groups of patients are taken several times a week and the collaboration of qualified and specialized personnel in the application of this therapy, being pioneers in this field in the national territory.


Mind and body practices as an aid to relaxation and control of stress and anxiety. 

Yoga postures, combined with controlled breathing exercises and meditation or relaxation, constitute a set of movements designed to improve strength and flexibility. 

Marta Balmori, director of "Yoga y Mar" as a Yoga and Meditation instructor at our Center. She is also a promoter and expert in well-being and healthy habits,

Occupational Workshop

The occupational workshop is a department located in the El Seranil Clinic and was implemented with the purpose of improving the period of stay of the patient during their hospitalization. Program of recreational activities, both sports and manual, gastronomic, gardening, etc.

With the ultimate goal of creating in the patient behavioral habits suitable for their integration at the individual, family, professional and social level in the environment that surrounds us.

The fundamental basis of the Occupational Workshop is in the psychological and physical values that patients absorb through these activities, thereby improving their personal autonomy and, in this way, increasing their quality of life, both inside and outside our Clinic.