Dual Pathology

What is dual pathology?

When we talk about dual pathology, we refer to the simultaneous existence of an addictive disorder (dependence on alcohol or any other type of toxin) and another mental disorder, either psychotic, such as schizophrenia or other psychoses, or of the state such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

We can affirm that this situation occurs very frequently, given that, on the one hand, the abusive and repeated consumption of toxic substances can generate psychiatric symptoms, and on the other, the person who suffers from a mental disorder often uses the use of alcohol or other drugs as a resource or an escape route from your problem.


Types of dual pathologies

We refer to any type of mental pathology with the consumption of toxic substances, such as mood disorders (such as major depressive disorder and dysthymic disorder), psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, disorders eating behavior or childhood disorders. In addition, although there is some controversy in this regard, we would also consider dual pathology the coexistence of a substance use disorder and any personality disorder, such as borderline disorder.

Dual pathology - Questions and answers

In our center, we combine psychiatric medical help and psychotherapy along with healthy lifestyle activities aimed at seeking emotional stability.

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In the face of a case of dual pathology, the characteristic symptoms of a psychiatric pathology would therefore be added (which can range from a low mood with anxiety to more serious disorders that include hallucinations, delusions , altered behavior), together with those related to the toxic effects of the drugs and/or the withdrawal syndrome, as well as the actions of other drugs or drugs that the subject was taking. This concurrence of symptoms to a certain extent complicates the treatment of the problem, since in many cases the toxins play a fundamental role in the appearance or worsening of the mental illness.

Each disease has its most determining cause, such as the presence of environmental factors in a genetically vulnerable person.
Toxics would play a fundamental role in the appearance or worsening of mental illness.

In our center, we have been treating cases of dual pathology since our beginnings and we have extensive experience in this field.
There are currently a large number of undiagnosed people and, therefore, without adequate treatment, because their recognition and management is difficult for mental health and drug addiction services, which at a public level belong to independent bodies and therefore treatment is usually separate.
That is to say, thatn drug addiction centers, addiction is usually treated on the one hand, and psychiatric disorders are treated in mental health centers.
On the other hand, in our center we approach cases in a comprehensive and individualized way, treating the disease in question, as well as detoxification and withdrawal from the substance consumed.



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