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Clínica El Seranil

Psychiatry at XXI century

Psiquiatría El Seranil
On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Clínica El Seranil has the facilities and adequate staff for rest and recovery.

We are in Malaga Province, about 20 kilometers east of the capital, in the coastal area of Benajarafe, located by the sea. We combine the most rigorous medical assistance by the tranquility of the place and the comfort of a residence. As Psychiatric Hospital we intend to adapt the patients to normal with less risks and safer way, preventing their reactions to everyday situations that they inevitably will face once discharged.

Clínica El Seranil Psychiatrist hospital

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Clínica el Seranil has the facilities and staff adequate for rest and recovery.

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Admitted patients from all insurance companies prior authorization of the same.
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Clínica El Seranil

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Teléfono: 952 51 32 67
Urgencias: 666 41 76 58
Carretera de Almería (C.N. 340), Km. 261
Benajarafe (Málaga) España